Powerful Transformation Takes Place Here

If you TRULY want to grow, to be transformed from the inside out, to move into your inner power, then you will allow God to move you temporarily into the desert. In the desert there are no distractions. Without distractions what needs to be seen can be seen. Not only hurts that need to be healed can be seen but also the beauty of you and the true power within you and around you.

The desert shouldn’t be feared or avoided. It should be embraced for the temporary part of your life that it is. Allow me to explain…

I don’t know any deeply spiritual person, who has come into a deep spiritual God awareness and discovered their true purpose, who have not at some point in their life embraced and journeyed through their desert.

Many times we don’t willingly enter the desert. Sometimes life, which doesn’t happen TO us but FOR us, draws us into the desert through the ‘circumstances’ of our life.

Like my own spiritual director said, when I got cancer a number of years ago, God doesn’t cause these circumstances but will use them for our higher good.

Child abuse, diabetes, cancer. These were some of my deserts. It wasn’t until after life saving cancer surgery that I actually began to embrace my desert – through God gifting me a spiritual director, Barb Wright who met with me monthly, and Tami Dovell who would teach me the spiritual path of meditation.

God also brought me other spiritual ‘teachers’ who would weave in and out of my life, some through books and other media, until I was able to look at my life and see a beautiful tapestry – Woven ultimately by God.

The desert showed me how I had built my life on false or misinterpreted images of who I actually was, even my misguided image of who my God was.

The desert also revealed why I kept self-sabotaging my life and living in a “if my childhood had only been better my stupid life wouldn’t be like this” mindset.

Don’t fear the desert. Allow God to teach you how to embrace the desert and how to allow yourself to transform through it.

The desert is temporary. Your inner and powerful transformation is permanent.

William Sinclair

School Of Internal Living (SOIL)


Day Away Retreat February 24 2018 Estevan

St. Giles Anglican Church in Estevan, Saskatchewan is hosting a “Day Away” retreat on February 24, 2018 from 9am to 4pm.

I will be teaching Christian Meditation For Beginners in the morning from 9am to noon.

I strongly encourage you to take this time for yourself to learn how to reconnect to silence, to yourself and to God.

To register either contact their church office daytime (306) 634-4113 or use the contact form here to email me.

Thanks and Blessings!


Step Into Your Power by Stepping Out Of Your Story

Step into your power - William Sinclair
Old Typewriter - William Sinclair - Step Into Your Power
Transformation THOUGHT FOR TODAY:
The old QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow us down as we typed because the old mechanical typewriters used to jam up if you typed too fast.
Today, we use the same old QWERTY keyboard configuration on our unlimited, high speed, totally digital super computers, even on our smart phones. Weird.
Like the QWERTY keyboard, there may be old stories in your life you’ve actually built your present life upon that no longer serve you and limit you. Maybe something you’re telling yourself about yourself?

Imagine a box with squares, in each square is a story from your life that your telling yourself about yourself. (I’m stupid, we ALWAYS do it this way, Mom always said, etc.). If one of those stories no longer serves you, then take it out of the square and replace it with a new story.

I used to tell myself my God was a distant God who was always ready to punish (for my own good). I kept looking at the story in that square and applying it to my life. It kept me afraid of doing the wrong thing. What I had done was make my God a reflection of my own mother. I have since replaced the story in that square.
What’s in your box of stories? What story can you replace?


True Progress Comes At The Edge Of Your Comfort Zone

William Sinclair - On the edge of your comfort zone

“True progress usually only happens when you live on the edge of your comfort zone.” – Seth Spears

Anyone who has “succeeded” in life has pushed their perceived boundaries and excelled into a new found freedom of living.

On the journey to re-discovering the Real You, your True Self and the greatness that you already are, you need to move outside of your comfort zone. You need to stop being a spectator and become a participant in your own life story.

Moving outside of your comfort zone often means facing some of the giants in your life, perceived or real, from your past or your present.

Experience True Freedom.

(Taken from William’s “The Real Truth About You” audio podcast whereWilliam Sinclair helps you to uncover the most amazing version of you!)

How A Smile At The Back Of A Church Saved A Life

William Sinclair - St. John the Baptist Parish Fort McMurray, Alberta

I learned a very important lesson back in the 1980’s.

I was leading music ministry for mass at St. John the Baptist parish in Fort McMurray, Alberta (Canada). Before mass started I had some down time, so I decided to go and greet people as they entered the church.

It was nothing spectacular, as far as I was concerned. Smile, shake some hands and say hello. Not rocket science. This was before Catholic churches began having official greeters – or at least in the Catholic churches I attended back in the ’80’s.

It was about three weeks later that I got a call from the parish priest, Father George LaGore who was an Oblate Father. He said he had a letter for me.

The letter had been sent to the parish because the writer of the letter, a young woman, didn’t know who I was or how to contact me.

I wasn’t quite prepared for what I read.

The letter, written by a young woman called June, explained how she had left Edmonton (which was a five hour drive south of Fort McMurray) and hitch-hiked her way to Fort McMurray.

As a heroin addict who had been abused all her life, first by her dad and then all the way through to her current boyfriend, her plan was to end her life through suicide.

The driver who had picked her up on the highway had dropped her off at the first street in town, which just happened to be the same street as St. John the Baptist Catholic church was on. Yup, the same one that I was in, standing at the main entrance greeting everyone.

She had entered the church, maybe as one last inner plea for help, and encountered me. Without me even realizing it, I shook her hand and simply said, “Welcome.”

I didn’t know any different at the time and never even noticed her above anyone else as I ‘moved onto’ the next person entering the church.

The letter said it all.

For her, when I shook her hand and smiled at her, looking her straight in the eyes, she felt, for the first time in her life, loved and accepted for just who she was.

She didn’t go through with her suicide plan and even though she struggled with her life, what followed was three years of growth and the realization of how much God loved her.

She was killed in a head on collision some time later.

Her family didn’t know where to bury her but assumed because she had in her possession a Catholic bible I had given her during our many discussions about God, that she had become a Catholic. She was buried behind a Catholic church in England, the country of her birth.