Step Into Your Power by Stepping Out Of Your Story

Old Typewriter - William Sinclair - Step Into Your Power
Transformation THOUGHT FOR TODAY:
The old QWERTY keyboard was designed to slow us down as we typed because the old mechanical typewriters used to jam up if you typed too fast.
Today, we use the same old QWERTY keyboard configuration on our unlimited, high speed, totally digital super computers, even on our smart phones. Weird.
Like the QWERTY keyboard, there may be old stories in your life you’ve actually built your present life upon that no longer serve you and limit you. Maybe something you’re telling yourself about yourself?

Imagine a box with squares, in each square is a story from your life that your telling yourself about yourself. (I’m stupid, we ALWAYS do it this way, Mom always said, etc.). If one of those stories no longer serves you, then take it out of the square and replace it with a new story.

I used to tell myself my God was a distant God who was always ready to punish (for my own good). I kept looking at the story in that square and applying it to my life. It kept me afraid of doing the wrong thing. What I had done was make my God a reflection of my own mother. I have since replaced the story in that square.
What’s in your box of stories? What story can you replace?


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