Powerful Transformation Takes Place Here

If you TRULY want to grow, to be transformed from the inside out, to move into your inner power, then you will allow God to move you temporarily into the desert. In the desert there are no distractions. Without distractions what needs to be seen can be seen. Not only hurts that need to be healed can be seen but also the beauty of you and the true power within you and around you.

The desert shouldn’t be feared or avoided. It should be embraced for the temporary part of your life that it is. Allow me to explain…

I don’t know any deeply spiritual person, who has come into a deep spiritual God awareness and discovered their true purpose, who have not at some point in their life embraced and journeyed through their desert.

Many times we don’t willingly enter the desert. Sometimes life, which doesn’t happen TO us but FOR us, draws us into the desert through the ‘circumstances’ of our life.

Like my own spiritual director said, when I got cancer a number of years ago, God doesn’t cause these circumstances but will use them for our higher good.

Child abuse, diabetes, cancer. These were some of my deserts. It wasn’t until after life saving cancer surgery that I actually began to embrace my desert – through God gifting me a spiritual director, Barb Wright who met with me monthly, and Tami Dovell who would teach me the spiritual path of meditation.

God also brought me other spiritual ‘teachers’ who would weave in and out of my life, some through books and other media, until I was able to look at my life and see a beautiful tapestry – Woven ultimately by God.

The desert showed me how I had built my life on false or misinterpreted images of who I actually was, even my misguided image of who my God was.

The desert also revealed why I kept self-sabotaging my life and living in a “if my childhood had only been better my stupid life wouldn’t be like this” mindset.

Don’t fear the desert. Allow God to teach you how to embrace the desert and how to allow yourself to transform through it.

The desert is temporary. Your inner and powerful transformation is permanent.

William Sinclair

School Of Internal Living (SOIL)


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